Assistive Devices 

Pocket Talker

  • Basic amplifier for one-on-one conversations
  • User volume control
  • Long battery life

TV Ears

  • Wireless headset for easy TV listening
  • Allows the user to set the volume preference without affecting other listeners in the room


CapTel Sprint Phone

  • Provides captions for phone calls
  • Listener can easily follow along with phone conversations while listening
  • Available with high-speed internet or an analog phone-line

Sonic Boom Alarm Clock

  • Extra loud vibrating alarm clock
  • Options include flashing lights or bed-vibrating attachment pads

AlertMaster Baby Cry Sensor

  • Provides audio, visual, and vibratory alerts when baby cries

AlertMaster Visual Simple System

  • Alerts hearing impaired individuals when the phone or doorbell rings
  • Uses a distinctive light pattern for the door or phone



There are many assistive listening devices available for various applications.  We can help you find the right one(s) to help make your life easier.  If we do not have a device in stock, we will be happy to order it for you.