Hawaiian Island Hearing Road Map

Avoid the Risk of Isolation, Depression, and Cognitive Decline that can accompany Untreated Hearing Loss

  1. Awareness of Sound Voids

  2. Meet your Doctor
    • Bring a companion
    • Share hearing concerns
    • Set better hearing goals
  3. Complete Hearing Assessment
    • Get tested
    • Discuss results
    • Create individualized Treatment Plan
  4. Demonstrate Hearing Technology
    • Customize Programming and Setup
    • Install apps and accessories
    • Test phone, music, TV

  1. Better Hearing Starts Here!

  2. Real World Experience
    • 75-day retraining period
  3. Performance Verification Visits
  4. Annual Hearing Testing
    • 6 month check-ins
  5. Long-term Device Maintenance and Adjustments
  6. “Hear Better, Live better!”

Did you know?– Southerly ocean currents flow through the Hawaiian islands and converge between Kaho’olawe and Lana’i in a channel known as ‘Ke Ala I Kahiki’ or ‘The Way to Tahiti’.

An experienced navigator would guide the canoe to set south from this point for a direct heading to save many days on the journey to Tahiti. Likewise, your Audiologist will be there to guide you through every step of the journey to better hearing – Ke Ala E Lohe Maika’i A’i.