Custom Earplugs

Hearing protection is very important whether you are an avid hunter, machine operator, or musician.  Exposure to loud noise or music can cause permanent damage, hearing loss, and/or tinnitus. There are many custom earplug options that can be made to fit your lifestyle needs.


Solid Earplug

  • Offers maximum noise reduction
  • Available in many color options
  • Perfect for swimming, industrial noise, recreational shooting

Sleeping Earplug

  • Ensures comfort while sleeping
  • Easy removal from ear canal
  • Ideal for reducing night time sounds and snoring

Musician Earplug

  • Ideal for concert goers and musicians
  • Reduces noise level while preserving fidelity and speech understanding
  • Available in many colors

Custom Earphone Earplug

  • Perfect for most cell phone and Bluetooth headsets
  • Includes a mini headset adapter
  • Allows you to reduce your earphone volume

Pilot Headset Mold with Boom

  • Great for professional pilots
  • Two different style booms available

Newscaster Headset

  • Great for law enforcement, newscasters, or broadcast professionals
  • Skeleton style earpiece
  • Vent included with curly tube over-the-ear

Custom Monitor Earphones are also available.  Please make an appointment to discuss options and pricing.