Anika French, B.A.

Doctoral Audiology Intern

Anika French is currently completing her final year of her Doctor of Audiology degree through the University at Buffalo. Anika’s passion for audiology stemmed from her interest in providing thoughtful patient care and from her love for languages and science. She enjoys building lasting relationships with patients on the foundation of evidence-based audiological practices. Anika loves being able to provide a service that makes a positive and significant impact in patients’ lives, which drives her ambition in developing comprehensive and compassionate patient care. Outside of the clinic, you can find her reading on the beach, snorkeling, hiking, exploring the island, and spending time with her family and local cats, Noisy and Tuna.

“Audiology provides the ability to improve communication and connection, which I believe is essential to quality of life and happiness. Knowing that I am able to provide services that foster this connection, especially to loved ones, gives me purpose and satisfaction knowing I made a positive difference.”