Lindsey Kummerer, B.S.

Audiology Intern

Lindsey Kummerer is an audiology doctoral intern at Island Audiology’s Honolulu clinic. She is finishing her last year of her Doctor of Audiology degree through the University of South Florida in Tampa.

Lindsey’s passion is to provide quality, evidence-based practice care, while keeping individual and family needs and goals in mind to develop treatment plans. She strives to be an advocate for individuals with hearing loss by providing support and care during their hearing healthcare journeys. Outside of the clinic, Lindsey enjoys baking, reading, hiking and going to the beach.

“When you have a hearing loss, connecting and communicating with others goes beyond just hearing amplification devices – it includes communication tips and aural rehabilitation strategies, as well as support from family and loved ones. By being an audiologist, I have the opportunity to build patient connections by helping them connect with others in a multi-faceted manner.”