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About our Kailua-Kona location

Our Kona office is in the Kaloko Industrial area, overlooking Costco. Kamanu Center is located at the intersection of Kamanu St and Maiau St. The plaza also contains Big Island Pizza. The entrance to our suite is on the Mauka side of the building on the 2nd floor.

Elevator available in center breezeway.

Our Practice Specialities

  • Hearing Tests

    Hearing impairment affects more than just your ability to hear — it affects your quality of life. Island Audiology stresses the importance of an accurate and timely hearing test. The hearing evaluation is just the beginning of your treatment, and it’s essential to setting your unique care plan in motion and taking action on hearing loss.

    Your in-depth hearing evaluation will help us craft a treatment plan that renews your ability to hear, allowing you to truly hear your best and live life on your terms.

  • Tinnitus Treatment

    Although there isn’t a single cure for tinnitus, our audiologists have the knowledge and experience to provide you with tinnitus treatment methods that can help lessen the impact that it has on your life. In many cases, the distressing combination of tinnitus and hearing loss can be relieved with AGX Hearing technology.

  • Hearing Aid Repairs

    Even if you take care of your hearing aids and keep up with regular maintenance, time takes its toll on all technology, and it’s possible that yours will eventually wear out through the course of normal use.

    While replacing your damaged hearing aids may be the best answer in some cases — it gives you the opportunity to upgrade your technology — there are some common hearing aid repairs that you can try if you’re having problems with one or both of your devices.

  • Custom Hearing Protection

    Hearing protection is very important whether you are an avid hunter, machine operator, or musician. Exposure to loud noise or music can cause permanent damage, hearing loss, and/or tinnitus.

    There are many custom earplug options that can be made to fit your lifestyle needs.

  • Earwax Management

    Normally you needn’t remove earwax; your ears will naturally handle that function by pushing out the excess.

    At times, however, the ear glands may produce more wax than necessary, and earwax blockage can occur. People who use hearing aids, wear earplugs, or push objects such as cotton swabs into their ears can be more prone to these problems.

    When earwax builds to the point of causing pain or other symptoms, or preventing a professional examination of the ear, it’s time to clean it out.

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